Our Religious Rush

King David Said, “I was glad when they said unto me, Let us go into the house of the Lord.” (Psalm 122:1) He also wrote in Psalm 69:9, the “zeal for your house consumes me.” After much contemplation, I must confess that modern day church has lost much of the passion and zeal that David so deeply possessed.

As I travel across this nation and observe the body of Christ week after week, I cannot help but notice the action of church people. I watch people come in late and leave before the benediction. Some even get up and go in and out of the sanctuary repeatedly during the service. With all of this going on, who has the time to worship the Lord? It has become quite obvious that many churches have learned to function very well without the manifest presence of God.

There is a movement creeping into the body of Christ whose main purpose is to make us “comfortable.” We now say, “Please come and join us. We will require nothing of you. We will spoon-feed you. We will worship for you. We promise to have you out in time for the kickoff or to be first in line at the cafeteria. Our main purpose is to make you comfortable.” After all, did the lord not see “Pick up your Binki  and follow me.” I think not! Instead, shouldn’t we spend our passion and resources making the Holy Spirit comfortable in our services? I believe with all my heart that, as God resides with us, all men will be drawn to Him.

A few years ago, a pastor here in Nashville announced that a great star would be their guest the very next Sunday. He watched in amazement how early the parking lot began filling up. He observed every seat in the house fill up quickly. Some members had even brought visitors for the very first time. They sat with great anticipation and excitement as the pastor finally told them that the special guest was none other than… the Holy Spirit. Some got it and others’ countenance quickly fell as their obvious disappointment set in. You see, it’s all about what you are impressed with. Let me reiterate my point – His presence is a big deal, a really big deal.

As you go through your week, remember that everyday is the day that the Lord has made. What’s the big rush? Spend time and seek after the Lord daily. Get into His Word and commune with Him. Revel in God’s presence and glory. Let your own words echo that of the popular song: “I’m desperate for You. I’m lost without You.” On Sundays, when it comes time to enter into our services, let the zeal for God’s house and His presence literally consume you. Enter the sanctuary with a heart of thanksgiving and with praise on your lips. At all times, may it always be your quest to know Him intimately and be filled with His awesome presence.

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